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  • Name : Atlanta Fast Sender
  • Version : 11.52
  • OS : Windows
  • Price : $187,62(FE)
  • Type : Whatsapp marketing
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is Atlanta Fast Sender ?

Atlanta Fast Sender: Do you want to TURN your Whatsapp into a real SALES MACHINE with the BEST AND CHEAPEST Bulk Sending system on Whatsapp?

 Atlanta Fast Sender Key features

  • Intelligent Simulation
  • The Software simulates a person typing, this makes the experience more real.
  • Import Contacts
  • No need to import contact lists to mobile, import list with just 1 click to Fast Sender.
  • Message Submissions
  • Send hundreds of messages a day, shoot whenever you want and without additional charges.
  • furniture
  • Results report
  • Get access to a complete report after the end of each shipping campaign.
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Connect with multiple WhatsApp accounts and have greater control over your campaigns.
  • Number Validator
  • validates and separates the numbers that have whatsapp and removes those that do not contain whatsapp.

Atlanta Fast Sender 11.52