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  • Name : LetsExtract Email Studio

  • Version :  6.0.42011 Bussiness Ultimate

  • OS :  Windows

  • Type :  lead generation tool, Email Verified, Email Sender

  • Price :  $69 

  • Homepage :  SalePage

About LetsExtract Email Studio

Nowadays, Google can easily ban your website for using search engine optimization techniques that it doesn’t like. Of course, you can buy AdWords, but it will probably make more money for Google than for you. It’s time to switch to alternative lead generation methods!

LetsExtract Email Studio is a brand new app that is based on proven and tested data search and extraction technologies. It will quickly generate massive amounts of TARGETED leads for you. 

Email Studio can extract all kinds of contact details from your potential customers’ social media profiles: email addresses, phone numbers, website links, and so on. Naturally, your targeted newsletters and cold calls will be much more effective than nontargeted ones.

LetsExtract Email Studio’s Key Features

  • Built-in email address validator

  • Email extraction from files and folders

  • Email extraction from mailboxes

  • Email and Skype extraction from Yelp

  • Batch email address harvesting

  • Business email collecting

  • Whois email/phone harvesting

  • Save or Export

  • Configure it as you like

LetsExtract Email Studio 6.0.42011 Bussiness Ultimate