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  • Name : PG Extractor Plus
  • Version :  2.2.5
  • OS :  Windows
  • Type :  PagineGialle Scraper Tools
  • Price : $197 
  • Homepage :  SalePage


PG EXTRACTOR is the new and powerful program for capturing data from, exceeding the limit of 200 extractable data! Simple to use and without limitations !!

PG Extractor is a software designed to scan the ITALY yellow pages and extract company data. The information that can be extrapolated are: category, company name, address (street, city, postcode and province), telephone number (landline or mobile), email address (where present) and website .

Unlike other similar programs on the market, PG Extractor is the only one able to bypass the limit of 200 results present on, by doing a search by single postcode and automating the extraction from entire cities, provinces or regions. .

PG Extractor’s Key Features & Tutorials

  • Immediately after installation here is the program interface that will open on the screen.
  • PG Extractor Plus 2.2.5
  • To start using the program you now need to enter a category and a location (even more categories and locations if you wish).
  • Click on Add Category and enter the keyword or product category of your interest.
  • Similarly, click on Add Location and from the window that opens you can select any Italian location (even an entire province or region if you wish)
  • As you can see from the figure above, after selecting ITALY in the first drop-down menu you can select the region, the city is also a single postcode (if you want to do a targeted search). 
  • Or you can leave an entire city (or province) and after giving the OK the program will automatically load all the ZIP codes of that locality in the TASK box of the program (top right).
  • Before starting the data extraction make sure you have selected at least one category and one location. 
  • Then press on DATA CAPTURE and the program will start downloading the results from and then show them in the box below, as shown in fig. following.
  • The program will extract data as long as there are “tasks” to complete.
  •  The number of data / results extracted may even be thousands because the program searches by single postcode and in this way the limit of 200 imposed by is bypassed.
  • At the end of the capture (or after you press on STOP), to save the data just press SELECT first. ALL and finally on EXPORT DATA IN CSV (red button on the right). 
  • The CSV file saved on your computer can be imported and opened easily in Excel. Here’s what an example of a csv file extracted from the program looks like:
  • PG Extractor Plus Extract Data